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— by Rick Long Rick Long
Have you read the Bible all the way through?  I for one, admit that I have NOT read it cover to cover.

To help me, I subscribed to Bible in a Year on the web site  They send me a daily email with the 2-4 chapters I need to read to accomplish reading the Whole Bible in a year.  I am a couple of months into this exercise and do admit that it is a "grind" to read every day.  Due to holidays, vacations, and other interferences I have slipped up a few days and missed.  Good part is that I have been able to catch up and have discovered that when I know I am going to be unavailable, I can read ahead a couple of chapters.

There is a countdown ticker at the bottom of each daily email that tells me how many days I have left to complete the reading.  As of today (1/12), I have only 273 reading days left to finish the Bible!
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