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Update #3 (Jun 09)
— by Gary and Carolyn Gary and Carolyn
Hi Everyone.  It is hard to believe we have been on the road for 3 months now!  We are having such a great time.  Currently we are in Ohio, just outside of Kent.  Gary's parents live here and we are spending some time with them - mostly Gary assisting his Dad around the house.  We celebrated his 80th birthday on the 26th of Jun.  When we last updated you I believe we were overdosing on Lobster!  Wow - live lobster for 5 bucks for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 lb!  We visted an old Army buddy of my Dad's while in Augusta, ME andd shared a lobster dinner with them as well!  From there we went to Shelburne, NH in the White Mt region.  Wonderful place.  We were there 10 days and will definitely go back in 2011.  While there we took a scenic train ride; took the Mt Washington autoroad to the top 6,800 feet up in the sky where the world's worst weather is; road on the famous "Kanc" hiway with its many twists and turns; saw numerous waterfalls; hiked to "square ledge" and balanced on the edge; hiked the Tuckerman Ridge trail and saw the "bowl" which still had snow in it; visited the grandios Mt Washington Hotel; road thru Crawford Notch and hiked to Arethusa Falls; returned to Maine to drive the "Moose Loop" and saw 10 moose; and traveled numerous scenic byways on the motorcycles.  From there we went to E. Montpelier, VT.  While there, we visited Montpelier which is the smallest capitol city in the US; visited Cabot Creamery and saw cheese being made; went bowling; visited Stowe and Smuggler's Notch; visited my parent's grave sites in Northfield; road MCs around Green Mt National Forest including a gap that had a 12% grade down the MT; drove up the autoroad to Mt Mansfield and then hiked to the "nose"; visited the Rock of Ages granite quary and learned that job security is alive and well in that industry as there is at least 4000 years worth of granite yet to be quarried there and of course we ate lobster! Following that we drove to Fort Drum, NY where we spent time riding the MCs around the Adironacks; attending the Riverfest 09 on Alexandria Bay; visiting High Gorge Falls; and enjoying being around Soldiers again.  We then headed to 4-Mile Creek State park near Niagara Falls where we of course visited the falls; rode the MCs around the scenic byways; went to a free open air America concert; and watched gorgeous sunsets on Lake Ontario.  That gets us to where we are now.  We will be here for the 4th of July celebration and then head to Michigan for the next part of our adventure.  God's blessings to all and we will update you next month.  Gary and Carolyn