Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flame

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Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flame

To All:

Today Don Gentry shared he and Nancy's experience at the First Assemby of God Church in Palatka with the Men's Bible Study goup.  Below are his words from the email, followed by Pastor Don Ott's email response.

Brothers in Christ!

Nancy and I went to a program last night at the First Assembly of God Chruch here in Palatka,  it was a wonderful program and an eye awaking experience, it was as moving as the "Passion of Christ" movie, only this was a dramatized real life presentation.  I would recommend any and all to see this program.  

If you have loved ones or friends who may be riding the fence about Christianity, take them with you,  they will surely be moved to come to Jesus, after this presentation.  The program was Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night of this week,  they have had over 350 conversions, since it started Sunday night.  Because of the crouds, and the numbers they have had to turn away for lack of seating capacity, they have extended the program tonight 3/11/09  as well as scheduled another event starting Sunday night thru Tuesday night  March 22nd thru 24th.  

The program starts at 7:00 pm and lasts approximately one hour.    I recommend getting there no later than 6:30pm in order to get a seat.  If you have a group  of four (4) or more they request you make reservations by calling the church office ahead of time.  Child care is provided, they recommend children to be at least 8 years old.

Here is the information:

First Assembly of God
3111 St. Johns Avenue
Palatka, Fl  


Don't worry, Baptist are welcome too!   They are only seeking to win folks over to Christ!  not converting church affiliation.

Take Highway 207 to East Palatka turn right onto Highway 17 North.  cross the St. Johns River go to a least 9th street and turn left to St. Johns Avenue turn right.  Stay on St Johns Ave to the church which is on the left between Poinsetta and Palm Aves.
Here is Pastor Don's response:


We actually had the Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flame event at the church I served in Texas.  What a convicting program!  We saw many people come to Christ with that program!

Thanks for passing the word on.

Your FTC,